The Skills You Developed as a Result of Attending Meetings?

There you are sitting in another meeting or zoom room. The feeling of Déjà vu happens quite regularly these days. Sometimes you barely remember what the meeting was about by the end of the day. Other times, the meeting results in more work for you, which is often unnecessary.

Before leaving corporate America I remember attending SO many meetings that I started to resent the work I was doing. It felt like every meeting was to discuss a previous meeting and talk about how our S.M.A.R.T goals were coming along. However, most of our actions were not in line with the goals. Yes, that is a larger issue; however, many goals are linked to growth, but the daily responsibilities consume the majority of our time, which leads to band-aid efforts towards growth. Anyway, I'm not stating that every meeting was pointless, but if I calculated the number of monthly meetings attended, at least half were meaningless.

One thing I noticed was that many of these meetings were intended to make everyone 'look' good. You know, the ones where everyone nods their head at the PowerPoint, gives a power statement or supporting argument, and then you leave with a pat on the back.

After being out of the boardroom for a while, I came to the conclusion that corporate employees (at all levels) possess 5 skills that you might not think of as skills. These muscles are flexed daily and can be extremely supportive if you desire to leave the corporate world and enter entrepreneurship.

These are not expertise skills or something you'd find on a resume, but they are necessary, and often overlooked.

For those reasons, I put together a shortlist to offer inspiration to the woman sitting in a meeting who is desiring a new career path. My wish is that she takes this inspiration and finally starts taking action to break her golden handcuffs.

You can download the 5 Surprising Skills that Transfer from Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur here.

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