Do you remember needing a permission slip to use the bathroom at high school? I found that process really annoying. My high school had hall monitors, and I remember one day I came back from lunch (probably another day of healthy Taco Bell) and I was late. The hall monitor stopped me and ask for my permission slip. He knew I didn’t have one, and after a sarcastic conversation, I was given the punishment of detention. 

Anyways, look back at your last week.

How many times have you asked for or sought out permission?

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Have you heard the phrase, “Change Guilt?” 

You won’t find it in the dictionary, but it’s a real thing. 

It’s the feeling we have when we seek out something different and our mind tells us to be happy with what we have. 

It’s your subconscious trying to protect you and it grows stronger by the stories we tell ourselves and the stories others tell us. 

The Skills You Developed as a Result of Attending Meetings?

There you are sitting in another meeting or zoom room. The feeling of Déjà vu happens quite regularly these days.

Before leaving corporate America I remember attending SO many meetings that I started to resent the work I was doing. It felt like every meeting was to discuss a previous meeting and talk about how our S.M.A.R.T goals were coming along.

After being out of the boardroom for a while, I came to the conclusion that corporate employees (at all levels) possess 5 skills that you might not think of as skills.

These muscles are flexed daily and can be extremely supportive if you desire to leave the corporate world and enter entrepreneurship.

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